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The Kentucky Public Service Commission approved rules and regulations that govern the operations and rates of Columbia Gas of Kentucky.

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As a residential customer of a regulated public utility in Kentucky, you are guaranteed rights.

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Natural gas prices

June 2020 Gas Cost Adjustment

Effective May 29, 2020, Columbia Gas of Kentucky's gas supply cost is $2.9780 per Mcf. This price will remain in effect until Columbia's next regular quarterly adjustment in September 2020.

The Actual Cost Adjustment

Each quarterly gas cost adjustment is a projection of what Columbia expects to pay for the natural gas it purchases for its customers in the upcoming quarter. That price is derived by a formula that takes into consideration current and projected market prices, storage costs and interstate pipeline charges.

Although these quarterly projected prices are based on the most current data available, they are estimates. Since Columbia Gas of Kentucky does not earn a profit on the price of gas, these estimates must be reconciled to what was actually paid. This reconciliation is done to ensure that customers pay exactly what was paid by Columbia for their natural gas supplies. The reconciliation is known as an actual cost adjustment. The actual cost adjustment may be applied as either a charge or a credit, depending on whether Columbia overestimated the cost of natural gas purchased or underestimated the cost. This charge or credit is embedded in the gas supply cost paid by customers.

The current price of natural gas – $2.9780 per Mcf – includes a credit. This is because the natural gas Columbia purchased for its customers in the previous 12 months was lower than the expected cost, therefore Columbia is applying a credit to the current price.

Current price breakdown for Columbia-supplied customers and CHOICE® participants

If you are now supplied by Columbia Gas of Kentucky and were supplied by Columbia during the previous 12 months, the gas supply cost is $2.9780 per Mcf.

If you are now supplied by Columbia Gas of Kentucky and were a participant in the Customer CHOICE ® Program during the previous 12 months, your cost will be $3.1935 per Mcf. This price is applicable for those billing month(s) this year during which you were enrolled with a CHOICE ® supplier in the same billing month(s) the previous year. Your gas supply cost will then change to $2.9780 per Mcf (or the price in effect at that time) for those billing months this year during which your gas was supplied by Columbia Gas of Kentucky in the same billing months the previous year.

If you are now a Customer CHOICE ® Program participant and were supplied by Columbia Gas of Kentucky during the previous 12 months, your bill will show an adjustment of a credit of $0.2589 per Mcf during the current billing month(s) that is the same billing month(s) as that one year ago when you were supplied by Columbia Gas of Kentucky.

Have an emergency?

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, have carbon monoxide symptoms or have some other emergency situation, go outside and call 911 and then call us at 1-800-432-9515.