WarmWise Energy-Saving Solutions

WarmWise Energy-Saving Solutions

Home Energy Checkup

If you're wondering how your home is using – and maybe losing – energy, a free home energy checkup will arm you with the information you need to start saving energy. Columbia Gas of Kentucky has partnered with Ranger Home Inspections to thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with a list of weatherization measures that will help keep the warm air in and winter's chill out.

Home energy checkups are available to active residential Columbia Gas of Kentucky customers. The checkup only takes about an hour and the homeowner does need to be present.

To request a home energy checkup, call 800-300-8709 or complete the form below. Once your request has been processed, our representative will contact you to schedule your home energy checkup. Night and weekend appointments are available.

On the day of your home energy checkup, be sure there is clear access to your home's attic and crawlspace (if applicable). And, while we love animals, please make sure that there are no pets or other potential hazards that may prevent our ability to conduct the checkup.

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