Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety

Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized Use of Energy is Unsafe – and Illegal!

People who turn valves that only the gas company should operate, or who install unauthorized connections to divert energy around meters and into their home or business are not only breaking the law – they're also endangering property and lives. Tampering with a gas meter or natural gas line can cause property damage and fatal injury from asphyxiation, explosion, or fire. In addition, unauthorized use also includes using natural gas service unknowingly if a service was never placed in your name.

Unauthorized use of energy affects all customers through higher costs. Each year, usage without our knowledge, or meters that have been bypassed or tampered with, result in the loss of billions of dollars' worth of  energy. That can mean higher prices for trusted customers as utilities try to recover revenue for energy that was used but never reported.

If you suspect someone might have tampered with a meter or might otherwise be using natural gas without our knowledge, please call our Energy Hotline at 1-866-515-9864. We'll keep your name and all information confidential. Your call can help protect property and lives. Offenders who have intentionally tampered with their natural gas service will be prosecuted to the limit of the law, including fines and possible imprisonment.