Pipeline Replacement FAQ

Pipeline Replacemen FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions about our pipeline replacement program:

Why are you replacing the natural gas lines in my neighborhood?

We’re committed to ensuring safe and reliable service at your home or business. While the current system has performed well, it’s time to replace the natural gas lines with newer materials that will serve your community for many years to come.

How can I identify your employees and contractors?

All employees and contractors carry an ID card with their name, photograph and employee number.

Will I have to pay extra for this project?

No, you won’t have to pay specifically for this improvement in your neighborhood. The cost of building, maintaining and upgrading our pipelines is shared by all customers and is already a part of the monthly bill you pay.

Why do you need to move my inside gas meter?

Moving gas meters to the outside of your home or business provides first responders with easier access to gas meters in an emergency. It’s also more convenient -- once it’s moved, we won’t need access inside your home or business for routine inspections.

How will I be notified when you need to get inside my home or business?

Once we’re in that phase of the project, we will stop by to discuss the required work inside your home or business. If you aren’t available at that time, a door tag will be left with contact information to schedule an appointment.

Will you need to dig in my yard, sidewalk or driveway and if you do, who’s going to fix it?

Most likely we will need to dig in your yard, sidewalk and/or driveway. We will try to minimize the amount of digging required but the project area will be temporarily messy. If we do disturb your yard, sidewalk and/or driveway, we will repair affected areas.

How will this project impact my historic neighborhood?

We’ll coordinate with the local historic preservation officials to ensure that our work complies with local guidelines and permitting requirements.

What if I smell gas while you’re working?

Take action immediately. Natural gas has a rotten egg or petroleum odor that can alert you to a leak. If you smell an odor of gas: Leave the area immediately. Don’t turn lights or electronics off or on, or operate any other switches. Call 911 and 1-800-432-9515 from a safe location. If our crews are working in the area, you also may contact the on-site project supervisor after you have called 1-800-432-9515. 

When and how long will my gas be turned off?

Your gas service will be temporarily turned off when we come to work on your meter. If your meter is already outside, your gas service may still be turned off. This outage will be brief, usually between 2–4 hours. Once we’re done, we will need to get back inside your home or business so we can preform a safety check of your natural gas appliances and inside gas lines, turn on your gas and relight your appliances. Note: Someone 18 years or older must be at  your home or business and pets must be secured when we’re there to work on your meter and turn your gas back on. 

Will you block my street or driveway?

We may temporarily block access to an entire street, lane or even a driveway. Most of our digging will be in the grassy part of the public right-of-way and yards but often our equipment is in the street while we are working. We will work with neighborhoods to minimize road closures and blockages, but please be alert and use caution around our work zones. 

How do I know things will be restored to their previous condition?

At the start of the project, we document your property’s current state. We may even capture photos or video footage. 

I’m not a Columbia Gas customer, will my home or business be affected?

If you are receiving this communication, your home or business may be impacted in some way. If you have been considering converting to natural gas, now may be a great time to do so.

Please call us at 1-800-440-6111 to learn more. You may eligible for cash rebates to help you upgrade to high-efficiency natural gas appliances. 

Can I get natural gas while this project is taking place?

In general, if your neighbors use natural gas, service is likely available in your neighborhood. To see if natural gas is available in your area, visit our website and complete the Natural Gas Availability form and we’ll follow up within one business day or give us a call at 1-800-440- 6111. We’ll share any rebates or incentive programs available for adding or upgrading natural gas equipment.