Pipeline Replacement Projects

Pipeline Replacement

Pipeline Improvement

In a continuing effort to provide you with safe and reliable service, Columbia Gas of Kentucky is upgrading its pipeline system in many parts of our service area. The natural gas infrastructure in some areas is nearing the end of its useful operating life and we are proactively replacing main lines and service lines with state-of-the-art materials.

During the project, our crews will first replace main lines in one section of the project area, replace some service lines as necessary, relocate indoor gas meters to the outside of the structure and connect service lines to the new main lines. Gas service may be briefly interrupted while these activities are completed. When your gas service has to be interrupted, our crews will contact you to schedule this work and to gain access to your property to test your house lines, check appliance installation and re-establish your service once the work is complete and no leaks or other problems are detected.

Once complete, you will realize several benefits, including continued safe and reliable service, enhanced capacity and fewer inconveniences caused by indoor gas meters.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please call our Construction Specialist Doug Kinder at 1-859-983-9666.

Odor of Gas

Natural gas has a rotten egg or petroleum odor that can alert you to a leak in or around your home. If you smell an odor of gas:

  • Leave the building immediately. Leave the door open and don't use light switches or matches. 
  • Call our 24-hour emergency number at 1-800-432-9515 from a phone outside of the building and wait for our service crew to arrive.

If Columbia Gas crews are working in the area, contact them and the on-site project supervisor.