Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

In an effort to improve customer service and convenience, Columbia Gas of Kentucky is upgrading the way it reads natural gas meters by installing a radio-based Automated Meter Reading System (AMR). Installation of this new technology was authorized by the Kentucky Public Service Commission as part of Columbia Gas of Kentucky’s 2013 rate case.

The new AMR system will be installed on all residential and commercial meters across Columbia Gas of Kentucky’s service territory in 2014. It will allow the company to obtain an actual monthly meter reading, even on hard-to-reach meters. Technicians from Columbia Gas of Kentucky or our contractor, TruCheck, will install the electronic equipment necessary to read natural gas meters using radio technology from a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automated Meter Reading?

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) use wireless, computer technology to transmit gas usage data from the meter to our meter readers who drive specially-equipped company vehicles through neighborhoods.

Why is Columbia Gas of Kentucky doing this?

AMR meters will help us provide a higher level of customer service through more accurate meter reading and billing. AMR devices also help to keep our meter readers safe with fewer injuries, such as dog bites and slips, trips and falls.

How will my meter be read by AMR?

The AMR System uses radio technology to automatically read your gas meter from a vehicle. As the specially equipped vehicle drives by, the AMR transmits the meter reading data to a computer in the vehicle.

What is the installation schedule for the new AMR devices?

The new AMR devices will be installed on approximately 120,000 residential and commercial meters across the company’s service territory in 2014. Postcards will be mailed to customers approximately 2-4 weeks ahead of installation at their location.

What if my meter is indoors? How does that impact me short term and long term?

Short term, we will need to gain access to your home to make the AMR installation. If no one is home, our contractor will leave a door hanger asking to set up an appointment for installation. Long term, we will no longer need to enter your home to read your meter following the installation.

How is the AMR device powered?

The power of the AMR System is supplied by its own long-term battery. The unit does not draw any current from your electrical system.

What is the expected length of time to convert my gas meter?

The installation process is expected to take approximately 20 minutes.

Do I need to be present during the AMR device installation?

The majority of installations do not require the technician to enter the home or business and do not require the customer to be present during the work. Customers requiring additional upgrades to their gas meter assemblies will be contacted in order to set up an appointment, thus minimizing any service disruption.

Who will install the new AMR device?

Columbia Gas of Kentucky employees or employees of our contractor, TruCheck, will install the new AMR devices. All technicians will have uniforms, photo identification and marked vehicles.