Meeting the Climate Challenge

Meeting the Climate Challenge

Meeting Current and Future Environmental Standards

NiSource and its affiliated companies, including Columbia Gas of Kentucky, are committed to meeting current and future environmental obligations. We will aggressively engage in activities to reduce potential risks and pursue opportunities associated with policies enacted to address the climate-change issue.

We also are committed to continuing to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations. NiSource will meet the energy needs of its customers and address climate-change issues through business activities that promote sustained economic growth in a manner compatible with its environmental obligations.

To these ends, NiSource will:

  • Remain an industry leader in accurately accounting for greenhouse gas emissions, and provide timely reporting and transparency in climate-related activities.
  • Increase the efficiency and reduce the carbon intensity with which NiSource companies provide energy to our customers by taking steps to produce and obtain electricity from sources with lower carbon intensity, increase natural gas transportation efficiency and reduce methane losses from natural gas transmission and distribution.
  • Encourage our customers to use energy wisely by working with them to develop demand side management and energy conservation programs, along with ensuring that the revenue models under which regulated NiSource companies recover their costs are aligned with energy-efficiency goals.
  • Promote adoption of reasonable policies addressing climate change. In this regard, NiSource will support appropriately crafted legislation on climate change that:
    • Recognizes that greenhouse gas reduction targets must be applicable to all sources of greenhouse gas and be realistically achievable and consistent with projected availability of commercial technology;
    • Protects against undue increases in energy costs to any particular regions or groups of consumers; and
    • Recognizes the environmental benefits of natural gas and promotes policies and practices that result in the continued efficient use of natural gas by all customers.

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