Customer CHOICE®

Customer CHOICE®

Help Making the Right CHOICE®

We Want You to Have a CHOICE®

Columbia Gas of Kentucky's Customer CHOICE® program is designated to help our customers take advantage of deregulation by making it easy to choose a different gas supplier – one who can sell gas for less than we can.  helps our customers save money.

CHOICE® doesn't mean lost business for us. By law, we pass the price we pay for gas on to the consumer dollar for dollar with no mark up. We make no money on the sale of gas. Instead, our profit comes from the transportation and delivery of gas. We'll still handle that no matter who your supplier is. So, your participation in the Customer CHOICE® program is good for everyone.

For more information, visit our Customer CHOICE® FAQ page.

Choosing a Supplier

We can't make any recommendation about who you should choose. But we do have some suggestions on how to make the best choice.

1) Know What Offers Are Available
Many suppliers are explaining their offers in newspaper, radio, TV and direct mail advertising. Others may call you or come to your home. Or you can call them.

2) Evaluate the Offer
Remember that all marketers are selling the same product: natural gas. While there are many important factors to consider, the biggest difference among suppliers is price. So they may package their offers in many different ways to make them sound attractive. It can be confusing. In order to make the right selection, you should examine the offers closely. For example, an offer of 40 percent savings sounds substantial, but when you discover it's based on 40 percent of Columbia Gas' Gas Cost portion of the bill and not the entire bill, as you might assume, it's not nearly as impressive. (The Gas Cost is the portion of your bill that covers the cost of gas, and not the delivery charges). Similarly, a supplier might advertise savings of 30 percent off the Columbia Gas price for the first three months, followed by a variable rate each month adjusted for current market prices. So your 30 percent savings may change a lot when the variable rate starts. With any impressive offer, take a close look at the terms to get an accurate picture of the potential savings.

3) Compare the Price
The most important common denominator for comparing costs and savings is the cost per thousand cubic feet (Mcf). Use it to compare marketer offers to each other and to the Columbia Gas Mcf cost. In addition, as a customer of Columbia during the previous 12 months, you will pay or receive an adjustment as part of the Actual Cost Adjustment that is made to ensure that customers pay the exact amount we pay for natural gas each year. Depending on whether Columbia has overestimated or underestimated its gas costs, customers either receive a credit or charge in the following year. That credit or charge will only remain on your bill for the months during the prior year that you were supplied by Columbia Gas of Kentucky, but it should be considered when comparing marketer offers.

Each type of marketer rate offers different risks and rewards:

Offers Based On the Price of Gas:

  • Fixed rate – A fixed charge for each thousand cubic feet (Mcf) for the length of the contract, regardless of whether gas prices go up or down.
  • Variable rate – The charge varies over the term of the contract. Consider how often it changes. Daily? Monthly? Quarterly? What triggers the change? Is there a cap that it can't exceed?
  • Percentage off Columbia's price – A flat percentage off Columbia's price.

Offers Based On the Total Monthly Bill:

  • Discount off the total monthly bill – A flat percentage off the total Columbia Gas bill, including both gas cost and base rate. Remember, the percentage may appear smaller, but it's taken off a larger total.

Other Types of Offers:

  • Flat dollar amount off monthly bill (not a percentage).
  • Up front incentive – The supplier offers a cash or merchandise incentive, usually awarded upon enrollment.

4) Compare the Contract Terms
Who bills you? How many bills will you receive? How long is the contract? How do you cancel? What happens if you move?

5) Compare the Companies
What type of company do you prefer to do business with? Large or small? Kentucky-based or a national firm? What sort of customer service reputation do they have? Are they committed to the local community?

Remember that when you select a marketer, you are selecting a new partner with which you are doing business. Please take the time – as you would with any business decision – to know the product you are buying and the company supplying it.

6) Make your Choice
Once all of your questions are answered, you can select the offer that best fits your needs. Then contact the marketer to inform them of your choice. You can enroll by phone, by returning a signed agreement mailed to you by the marketer, or by filling out an Internet enrollment feature on the marketer's website. Either way, you'll need your Columbia Gas account number to enroll. And remember, if you decide to keep Columbia as your supplier, that's okay, too. It's your choice.