Customer CHOICE®

Customer CHOICE®

Take Control of Your Gas Bill

Customer CHOICE® Program

Columbia Gas of Kentucky's Customer CHOICE Program is a voluntary program that offers our customers the option of purchasing their gas from a Columbia Gas of Kentucky certified marketer. Columbia Gas will still deliver the gas to your homes and businesses, provide safe reliable service without interruption, read your meters, and continue to provide exceptional customer service and 24-hour emergency response.

The cost of gas represents a large portion of your total monthly bill, especially during the winter heating season. The price marketers charge is set by the forces of a competitive market. While there is no guarantee that you'll save money, marketers may be able to offer pricing and special incentives not available from a regulated utility. As a Columbia Gas customer, you have the option to sign up for our Customer CHOICE® Program at any time or buy your gas from us. If you are considering enrolling in the program, do your homework so that you make an informed decision that will be advantageous for you. Go ahead, shop around, and make your choice.

For more information about enrollment, contact us or call Columbia Gas DirectLink at 1-800-432-9345.

CHOICE® is a registered service mark of Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc.